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To accomplish our aim to produce resourceful and creative students, we provide a wide range of academies i.e. outdoor and indoor academies. We have a comprehensive programme to make children play and learn. Our concept of education is not profession but mission with vision. That is the reason we are keeping different scenarios in the school from time to time.

Any child can seek admission to Chavara Publicl School, Dhule provided he/she is intellectually fit. The candidates should pass an entrance test conducted by the school, with minimum of 60% marks. Admission to classes other than pre-primary is restricted to candidates coming from other ICSE or CBSE schools. The decision of the Principal will be final in this respect. Pupils who have attended another school cannot be admitted without a leaving certificate from the school last attended. The birth certificate will have to be produced at the time of admission.


The child seeking admission to Nursery should complete 3 years before academic term begins in June. The child will be re-admitted to Grade I only if he/she is found intellectually sound to follow the CBSE curriculum and syllabus. The caliber of the child as well as the co-operation of the parents will be dually evaluated before admitting the student to the CBSE syllabus.


No leaving certificate is issued unless the parents make request in writing. One month's notice for the withdrawals is required. No leaving certificate will be issued until all the fees and dues have been paid.


Strict regularity, obedience, politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct. 
Smartness and cleanliness of dress and person are rigidly insisted upon. Objectionable conduct, whether in or out of school is punishable with expulsion


Ability to communicate well in English is very important in the changing context. Parents are requested to help in making their children conversant at home. At home children should be provided with a healthy environment for their holistic development.


Above 90% A+ = Outstanding 
80-89% A = Excellent 
70-79% B+ = Very Good 
60-69% B = Good 
50-59% C+ = Average 
40-49% D = Not satisfactory 
Below 40 Fail


To make more effective management and a healthy competitive spirit, the school is divided into 4 houses. Each house is distinguished from the other by a name and colour as follows:-

  1. TULIPS   Red House

  2. BLUE BELLS   Blue House

  3. LILIES   Green House

  4. DAFFODILS   Yellow House

Each house has as its head, a House Prefect who is assisted by a Vice-Prefect. Every house strives towards the same goal, the development of the character together with a determination to keep discipline. Each individual no matter to which house he/she belongs has an equal responsibility in discharging of his/her duties. House meetings are held as and when necessary to plan for the Inter-House competitions if any.


A handbook must be brought to the school daily and should be maintained carefully. Pupils should write down daily assignments in the pages provided and the parents must sign it every weekend. The parents must check the handbook daily. The remarks given by the principal and teachers must be signed by the parents.

Periodic-II (2022-23)Time Table

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