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Dear Friends


The objective of our school is to provide with excellent all round education, that will transform your personality from being mere children, into well educated and cultured, young men and women. You are important member of our team consisting of management, teachers, students, parents and the other staff.Our aim is to inculcate in you, basic values like truthfulness, equality, courage, respect for elders and your teachers.

We shall ensure that you get access to the latest developments in all fields so that you can make a good and correct career choice at the end of your tenure here. Our school encourages a free and open atmosphere that will help in bringing out the creative abilities within you.

Discipline will be given the most importance. We are very particular about punctuality, attendance, uniform, cleanliness, health and hygiene, behavior, attentiveness in class and timely completion of all class work and home work.

Ours is an english medium school and all students and teachers are expected to speak only in english while at the school, with the exception made for classes in other languages.

"May the good Lord abundantly bless our parents too, for giving their children a wonderful childhood. Thanks parents for your cooperaation in providing them with a beautiful school life"

Dear children, you are the future of India. So do your best in every field and success will be yours. Remember that success is not something to wait for, but something to work for and achieve. finally I am concluding with one thumb quote " Yes , We Can" Once again welcome to our family of CHAVARA SCHOOL.


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