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Green Class Room

A classroom is a powerful resource. As a student’s mind grows, teachers, as the leaders of the classroom, can direct the energy of their classes towards accomplishing any number of tasks where, opening up to new ideas and tackling more challenges students learn how to recognize, address and adopt the kinds of change that can positively affect their lives, communities and the rest of the world.

Green classroom is a concept where students not only equips with the knowledge on how to make a difference in the world, but also try to create a healthier learning environment that benefits the students, teachers, and learning institution as a whole. Children's active and passive interaction with plants instils appreciation and respect for nature that lasts into adulthood. This process helps them to understand the value of trees and directly teach them the importance of tree plantation. The act of planting tree and caring for it can not only make them environmentally conscious but also bring students together. School gardening has been shown to increase self-esteem, help students develop a sense of ownership and responsibility, help foster relationships with family members, and increase parental involvement. Also, exposure to a school garden increases students interest in eating fruits and vegetables and a garden-based nutrition curricula improves students' nutrition knowledge, preferences and attitude for vegetables and fruits.

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