Silence Day

Anti-speaking day is an activity where students and everyone in the school vow to take a form of silence in order to reflect on their experiences—to discover who they are as individuals, what kind of goals they desire, and what they value and believe about life. Teachers are asked to present motivational thoughts, sayings, stories and movies through projector or presentation on mute mode so that students get motivated and can understand things through their own perception. Not only visually but students are expected to read books, go to library and explore many things. This exercise will help them to understand things non verbally, try to get answers of their unanswered questions, the surface of experience and experiment invite conservations that ask teens to go deeper and continuous thought process of mind where kinetic energy will get converted into potential energy. When this occurs, they will likely find their ways and time to find their answers. They will appreciate the importance of silence and the golden beauty of learning that emerges from within. This is how they will know the importance of self-reflection, self-learning and self-development.

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